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    Seems long time since Cookie Notice for GDPR has been updated.
    When looking up status of the plugin in WP, oy syayes:
    Last Updated: 5 month ago
    Untested with you current version of WordPress

    My current version is 5.2.2



    Same problem here. WP is updated but Plugin states “Untested with your current version of WP”. Has anyone activated the Plugin? any problems encountered?



    I tried to use COOKIE NOTICE (Version 1.2.46) under WordPress 5.2.2. But for some odd reasons I couldn’t change the default text under ‘Message’, even though I (of course) saved the the changes. Then (all of a sudden and only once) the change was accepted but not in full. Meaning the message was cut off after the first three words. A strange mistake. Now no editing of the Message is possible at all (apart from deleting it in full). Adjusting the color and buttons was not an issue. Yes, I re-freshed the site each time and emptied the Cache. Finally I had to de-activate the Plugin. Sad, because I otherwise really liked it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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