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    Alvaro Ordonez


    I have installed, purchased and activated the following plugins:
    Responsive Lightbox (v 1.7.2)
    Responsive Lightbox – Lightgallery (V 1.1.0)
    Responsive Lightbox – Justified Gallery (v 1.0.6)

    Everything is correct but when I activate the plugin “Justified Gallery” the galleries that I created with WP disappear from all my post. Here you can see an example:

    In the “General” tab I have selected the options:
    – Enable lightbox for WP image links
    – Galleries: Enable lightbox foor WP image galleries
    – Default gallery: Justified Gallery
    – WooCommerce gallery: default (I dont use WooCommerce)

    Code for the end of post: [gallery columns="4" link="file" type="justified" ids="4683,4682,4684"]

    Why dont WP galleries show up when I activate the plugin “Justify Galleries”?


    Alvaro Ordonez

    When “justified gallery” its active the html code shows it

    When “justified gallery” its active the html code shows it


    Alvaro Ordonez

    Its normal to take so long to support the people who have paid for your plugins?



    Hi ,
    And sorry for the late reply. We’re still having issues with email delivery after switching servers.

    Regarding the issue, it should not work like that out of the box.
    But there’s a setting that allows you to keep your current galleries intact – set the “Default gallery” to Default
    Then apply Justified Gallery on demand, for selected galleries.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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