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    Following you advice to not set a watermark on the full size image I stubmled into an issue.
    As I’m developing a stock photo site image protection is of the upmost importance. No one want their images stolen but when the image is the product you want to protect the file at any costs.
    Therefor I’m a bit agitated to discover that when a visitor hovers over the thumbnail on a single product page the magnifier shows the full size image without a watermark.

    Next to that when a user clicks on the image the original, full size image is shown. Without a watermark!

    Last but not least: it seems to be that I’m unable to add images first to the library, then select them as a product image and get the watermark implied. I have to upload every image apart when I create that specific product.

    What am I missing or what is going wrong here?

    Best wishes,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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