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    Cyril Treuillet

    I am working on this website for a painter :

    I would like to use the Image Watermark to protect her paintings but I cannot see the watermark on the image. I’ve tried each parameter but nothing has change.

    Could someone take a look if I’m providing temporary the admin access ?


    Cyril Treuillet
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    Hello Cyril,

    We did not change anything on your site except loading one image and trying to watermark it.

    Generally, you have some problems in your theme (and plugins maybe). From what we noticed:

    1. Try to open that link for example (a link to attachment page) – a fatal error
    2. Your theme is overriding jQuery UI styling on Image Watermark settings page. It makes you unable to modify some of the plugin settings.
    3. Many different scripts are being added to admin pages, even if it is unnecessary and may cause unexpected conflicts (for example the jquery colorpicker is shipping with wordpress since 3.5 – however your theme is embedding it again).

    That how it looks for the first glance. I suggest you change the theme or hire an experienced WordPress developer to clean all that up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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