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    Julian M


    I plan to use this plugin in one of my websites where I show designs created by our team and we want to protect the images with a simple watermark. Your plugin seems to be exactly what we are looking for except that I have some questions. Can please try to clarify if the plugin will work in this case?

    1) We want to define one custom thumbnail image (let’s say 600×400) in WordPress which will be used for the watermark configuration only.
    2) We want to define another custom thumbnail image with the same size that won’t be configured to use the watermark.

    The reason why we want two custom images the the same size is that we want to display the image without watermark to the users who are logged, and image with watermark for general public.

    Is this something the plugin supports?

    Donna Klinton

    Hi there
    That exactly what i want to do.I am trying to create watermark for only one image using this code which i have googled:
    //Create an instance of Image and load an existing image
    using (Image image= Image.LoadImageFromFile(@”C:\1.bmp”));
    Graphics graphics = new Graphics(image);
    RasterEdgeImaging.Font font = new RasterEdgeImaging.Font(“Times New Roman”, 16, FontStyle.Bold);
    RasterEdgeImaging.Brushes.SolidBrush brush=new RasterEdgeImaging.Brushes.SolidBrush();
    image.Create Watermark (“watermark”, font, brush, new PointF(image.Width/2, image.Height/2));
    But it can not work effectively.What’s wrong with my code?I want to know that if there is any image program which supports to processing image watermark and thumbnail image directly?
    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Donna, first please post a separate topic and describe the problem.

    Secondly, the code you provided, has nothing to do with our plugin, WordPress or even PHP coding so it just can’t work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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