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    Benjamin Wagner

    Hi all,

    still waiting for a reply.
    Your Lightbox that is supposed to be known as “SwipeBox” looks great in the Live Demo on your website. But it does not come with the same features as in the demo when you download it.

    Looking forward hearing from you.



    Yes, I am wondering the same thing. Have you gotten a response? I just purchased, I am trying to figure out how to do that.


    Looking for the answer as well :)


    For anyone who may be still interested in an answer for this, it appears that what the 4 previous posts are referring to can be found in the “LIGHTGALLERY LIGHTBOX” extension/paid add-on, not the free version. I noticed the div class was “lg-..” If you are a developer you can verify by viewing source code in lightgallery-all.min.js.
    (Header Menu above —-> Products—> Extensions)

    I noticed in testing the “LIGHTGALLERY LIGHTBOX” part of the demo, that the share button results in “undefined” for twitter/sharing, either it’s not set-up to pull the correct title & info or not fully implemented. Because of this I cannot say if the extension will work out of box without some light additional coding. That is still a question for the plugin author.

    I have used the free version of this plugin and it appears to integrate well with the native WordPress gallery. I recommend swipebox and the forked v1.4.5 | koko-ng minified .js file on GitHub that adds pinch zoom support.

    Best to All!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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