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    Hello, I am only posting this because I have searched all over and cannot find an answer. (About 16 hours over the past month). My question is what do I place in the script box to make sure cookies are not used if the visitor declines cookies? I ran a cookie finder program and I have a list of them. But they are not showing up at all in the header.php . Can someone share a screen shot or anything to show what goes in the box? The only answer I have seen is “put the cookie code in there” but what is that? Does anyone have a step-by-step process to 1) show where cookie scripts are located, 2. what they look like 3. what to do with those scripts once found (do you delete them from the header? a pop up warned me to not change anything in the header or i can mess up my site) and then 4. what to enter in the script box on the plugin? What goes there? What goes in the head and the body areas? Anyone have a screen shot of the box and what they have in there? Anything to answer this would be greatly appreciated. I would hire someone but my contact for IT help is overloaded. Thanks so much in advance.



    I have the same issue. :-(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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