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    We have created a website for a client with out admin account and added the galleries.

    We now created an admin account for our client but when he clicks to open the galleries they are empty. What can we do about this? We don’t want to give up our credentials.

    Thanks in advance!





    Any response?




    And sorry for the late reply.

    I would be easiest to say that the issue is related to capabilities. The RLG galleries do not have separate capabilities like edit_gallery, publish_gallery etc. but takes them directly from post capabilities. So if your user has edit_others_posts cap (the one required to edit other users posts) he should be able to edit the galleries created by others as well.

    But you say you created an admin account for your user. Admin users have all the possible capabilities, so he should be able to edit the galleries without any adjustments.

    Weird thing is – he’s able to enter the gallery (so he has the cap) but it’s empty. What do you mean it’s empty?
    Are there no images?
    There is no RLG interface for the gallery management?
    Is it a blank page? (what would suggest a PHP fatal error)

    It’s the first time we have that kind of issue reported, so maybe you can provide an admin acces for us so we can check?

    btw. we plan to introduce a set of separate RLG capabilities in the next release

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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