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    As I posted elsewhere, this is the first watermark plugin that actually worked to automatically watermarks to images on my site. Unfortunately, I still can’t use it. The reason being that I need an option in there to turn off the watermark for specific images in the WP upload dialogue. Having to navigate to the plugin settings and turn it off specifically if I am about to upload something I don’t want watermarked is not only cumbersome and unintuitive, but since I have other people accessing the site who work for me, but are blocked from specific administrative functions, such as changing/updating plugins, having to do that isn’t an option for them. Hopefully this is something you can address in a future update. :-)




    I agree! This is also on my “must have” list for any use of this plugin.

    No answer since this post in April!?



    We think of a flexible solution and maybe in upcoming release a filter will be available to add custom conditions before watermarking, so you can control that (based for e.g. on user capabilities, ID and so on)



    To keep it simple, begin with an option to turn it off when uploading images in the media Uploading section.

    Then you could add possibilities to have different rules depending on user roles….

    Thanks for your answer!

    Best regards



    Problem is WordPress starts uploading (and watermarking if enabled) right after you select images from your disk or drag & drop it. We’d had to stop this process and force an action to apply watermark or not for each of the images – it doesn’t look good to me.


    tricky magical

    I really need this functionality as well. Will you be able to add it?



    @tricky, I replied to your comment – I hope it will guide you on how to achieve that.


    tricky magical

    @bartosz was that in reference to allowing specific users to post watermarked/unwatermarked?

    Is it possible to just be able to turn on and off the watermark feature at the time of upload?

    Thanks in advance,



    There is a filter hook you can try: iw_watermark_display

    function custom_iw_watermark_display ($attachment_id) {
    // your code here
    return $attachment_id;
    add_filter('iw_watermark_display', custom_iw_watermark_display);

    But I’m not sure if userdata will be available. Combine the filter above with the following function to return false on specified conditions (like user role, user id, etc.)


    Ken Dawes

    I’d really like this feature as well!

    I’m wondering if this could work as an end-run around the immediate processing problem…

    If you upload an image into a post… It will be watermarked.

    Would it be possible to add a dialog to the tinyMCE image editor, so that after you inserted an image into a post (now watermarked) you could click on the image and open the image editor and have a button that would regenerate the image sizes from the (un-watermarked) full size image, effectively removing the previously applied watermarks for that image.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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