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    Kirsten Vernon

    Hi. I bought your masonry plugin today for an artist site I’m building. I created a page with a WordPress gallery and selected the masonry option when I did that. I tried to follow all your documentation. I deleted plugins that may be conflicted. And I still get nothing on the page when I try to view. Can you please take a look? How can I send you my login?


    Hi Kirsten,
    Can we have a look at your site’s backend?
    We’d need a temporary admin acccess (via Private reply)

    Fredy Holenstein

    Hi there. I am using Responsive Lightbox very often. Pretty cool. Thank you for that.

    Now i took the Masonry Image Gallery for a project: uploaded, installed… (means i can see it in the plugin list), activated.. but i am not able to make setting or .. strange too .. to delete the plugin over the backend.
    So i took it down by FTP.

    I says “you are not allowed .. ” or something like this. I use the germman one.

    Any ideas? Same problem on a IIS or Apache Server, make no difference :-) Thank you.
    Regards. Fredy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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