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    sg c

    Hi, ive send you some details on the contact form only then i realize there is support forum.
    anyway to cut short, i bought this plugin add-on. prev was using prettyphoto with no issue.

    i am not sure if i bought the correct pluign. i have normal code gallery with rel=”lightbox” added. and it was working fine.
    i have installed the masonry add on as plugin, set the default gallery to masonry

    1. i dont see the “masonry gallery ” in the tab.
    2. adding gallery=type “masonry” next to rel=”lightbox” has no effect,

    am i doing something wrong here ?





    I have the same problem here and I’ve just sent a message through the contact form.
    Do you have an update or solution for this?





    Sorry for the late reply. We’re still having issues with email delivery iafter switching servers.

    Regarding the issue – please just use the extension from the other files (not v1.1.0) as these are intended for upcoming Responsive Lightbox 2.0 release.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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