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    I’m trying to use “link_class” function in a hidden gallery and I have read the documentation but it doesn’t work. I just need to open the hidden gallery through a custom link/button.

    [gallery type="hidden" ids="116311,115266,115958" title="View gallery" link_class="open_gallery"]

    Something I don’t understand is that I see the class I have set in the shortcode params printed as class of the first element in the gallery code:

    <span class="rl-gallery rl-hidden-gallery rl-hidden-text " id="rl-gallery-2" data-gallery_no="2"><a href="" class="open_gallery rl-gallery-link" data-rel="openbox-gallery-2">View gallery</a> ...

    In any case, I add the same class to my custom button or link but it does nothing when clicked.

    <button class="open_gallery">View gallery</button>

    Thank you.

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