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    I just purchased the hidden gallery add-on, but I can’t make it work.
    I create a gallery and set it to ‘hidden’, then add this code to the page where I want a button that open that gallery:
    [rl_gallery type="hidden" id="2186"] (the id is the one for the gallery I created).

    I can see the button on the front-end and when I click on it a lightbox is displayed but it only shows the first image in the gallery.

    I’ve tried both in Chrome and Firefox and it’s the same and there are no errors listed in the developer tools console. Am I missing something in the configuration settings? I have to say there are lots of panels and options and it’s hard to understand where to configure things.
    I cannot give you a URL since the site is under construction.

    Could you help me with this issue? I’ve seen people having this same problem but don’t get an answer. I hope I can get a solution since I pay for this add-on.

    Thank you, regards!


    Hello Julia,

    This is not how to do that. If you use Gallery Builder there is a Config tab where you select the type of gallery for it, then use the rl_gallery shortcode without any prameters except id (as in the shortcode example) as these are not needed or accepted.

    Please have a look at the docs: – it’s all there.


    Thanks for your response. It turns out that the plugin isn’t working on my site, I guess it has to do with some other plugins I have installed. I tried in a plain installation in localhost, with the same theme and it works.
    Anyway, I found another solution for my project, I suppose I will use this plugin in another one.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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