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    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum and this is my initial post. I’m working on a WordPress (4.7.2) website and using the Global Gallery v 5.31 plugin to display images. One of the ‘lightbox’ choices within this plugin is ‘Lightcase’ which I like and am currently using. The issue is that the navigation arrow icons in this lightbox are showing up as ‘boxes’ in Google Chrome and ‘vertical rectangles’ with some odd writing in them in Firefox. The arrows show up as nice arrow icons in Safari browser. The website is I’m using the Global Gallery plugin for the images pages. I’ve included a photo visual below for reference.
    If anyone has any input regarding this issue and how it may be resolved that would be great.



    Lightcase arrow icons


    I see on this site under the ‘Lightcase’ info that the sample galleries have the correct navigation icons for Firefox and Chrome. I’m not sure how to tell what version of Lightcase is within my Global Gallery plugin. Do I need to purchase the Lightcase extension from this site? This is all a bit confusing.
    Here is the php code in the lightboxes.php file in Global Gallery plugin for Lightcase if that helps…

    case 'lightcase':
    			$css_path = '//';
    			$js_path = '//';
    			wp_enqueue_script('gg-lb-jquerytouch', GG_URL .'//', 99, GG_VER, true);
    <?php break;
    			case 'lightcase' : // LIGHTCASE - min jQuery 1.7  ?>	
    				jQuery.each(Object.keys(gall_obj), function(i, v) {
    					var obj = gall_obj[v];
    					jQuery('#gg_lb_gall').append('<a href="'+obj.img+'" title="'+obj.title+'" data-rel="lightcase:'+rel+'">'+ obj.descr +'</a>');
    				jQuery('#gg_lb_gall > a').lightcase({
    					transition	: '<?php echo get_option('gg_lightcase_anim_behav', 'scrollHorizontal') ?>',
    					speedIn		: <?php echo (int)get_option('gg_lb_time', 400) ?>,
    					speedOut	: <?php echo (int)get_option('gg_lb_time', 400) ?>,
    					maxWidth	: '<?php echo get_option('gg_lb_max_w') ?>%',
    					maxHeight	: '<?php echo get_option('gg_lb_max_h') ?>%',
    					overlayOpacity : <?php echo ((int)get_option('gg_lb_opacity') / 100) ?>,
    					slideshow	: true,
    					slideshowAutoStart: <?php echo (!get_option('gg_lb_slideshow')) ? 'false' : 'true'; ?>,
    					timeout		: <?php echo (int)get_option('gg_lb_ss_time', 4000) ?>,
    					type		: 'image'
    				jQuery('#gg_lb_gall > a:eq('+ clicked_index +')').trigger('click');

    I’m sorry but we don’t provide support to custom plugins.

    We can only support our lightcase extension for Responsive Lightbox which works automatically with every WP native gallery and our gallery extensions. It should also work properly for many other galleries if they use native WP feature to generate their galleries, but we can’t tell if Global Gallery is the one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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