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    Ned Buratovich

    I’ve created two test sites to demonstrate this:
    prettymuch.biz/sites/dfactoryB4update/ = latest theme & plugin updates, except:
    Responsive Lightbox 1.7.2
    Responsive Lightbox – PhotoSwipe 1.0.6
    Responsive Lightbox – Justified Gallery 1.0.6
    prettymuch.biz/sites/dfactory2/ = exact same as the site above, with the following updates:
    Responsive Lightbox 2.0.4
    Responsive Lightbox – PhotoSwipe 1.1.1
    Responsive Lightbox – Justified Gallery 1.1.1

    If you compare these two pages:
    prettymuch.biz/sites/dfactoryB4update/crown-molding-and-casings/ and
    you will notice that order of images follows what is specified in the code for the site before the update and does not follow it after the update:
    [gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="42,43,41,39,40,38,156,155,154,153,160,158,159,161"]

    Also, note that the images after the update are in a smaller row height. The only setting that is different between the two sites is that on the B4update site, I used a justify threshold of “0.9” whereas the new site zeroed out that setting, so I used the equivalent “90” (You probably should clarify your comment about .35 vs 35)

    Bartosz, I will give admin access to both sites in the next PM, so you can see if have somehow messed up some settings or if this is a bug.

    Ned Buratovich
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    Hi Ned,

    We have found and fixed to image order issue.
    We’ve just aligned that with how WordPress handles the gallery shortcode.
    A fix will be available in the next update.

    Regarding the thumbnail size we believe it’s related to your settings, most probably row height.

    Ned Buratovich

    Thank you, Bartosz, for your fast action on this. I will now tear down the test sites and deactivate your FTP access to that directory.

    Ned Buratovich

    Hi Bartosz, do you have a ballpark estimate for when the new version of Justified Gallery with the fix for the image sequencing problem will be released? A few more days? A few more weeks?

    David Miles

    I have this issue too – when is the fix release due please

    Markus Lerner

    I have the same order issue with the masonry gallery …

    When will the new version be released?

    Markus Lerner

    In case anybody else needs to fix this by him/herself temporarily:

    In responsive-lightbox/includes/class-frontend.php

    replace line 713:
    ‘orderby’ => $shortcode_atts[‘orderby’],

    with this code:
    ‘orderby’ => ‘post__in’,

    This works for me.

    Please note that this will then override the orderby settings in the shortcode.


    That issue is addressed in the recent v2.0.5 release. Please check.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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