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    Hello there, I have been using Fancybox Pro for about 6 months now, I really like it, a great product. Nevertheless I recently stumbled upon a few issues/features. I cannot really tell if this is the intended behaviour so I just want to make sure and write what I found. If you could answer my questions or solve my troubles, I would be really thankful.

    1) The caption that Fancybox Pro loads (and views) when clicking an image link inside a post is NOT that of the FIGURE but that of the MEDIA FILE from Media Library.

    WP allows putting the same image multiple times in the same post/page and give each one a unique caption (or “edit” the caption for that particular image after inserting). I always add a caption to the image inside the MEDIA library and then change it (if needed) in a post.

    Perhaps showing the “general” caption from the MEDIA Library is the intended behaviour (although this is somehow limited) – if so, I understand.

    2) If I use the same image (with the same source URL) multiple times in one post, when clicking on one of them, a Fancybox Pro Gallery will open showing all these images (and I can scroll through them).

    As every image is the same and the caption shown is also always the same (see point 1) ), I believe this is an error. This happens even though I do NOT have the option “Display single post images as a gallery” checked in the plugin’s settings. I believe images with the same source are somehow grouped into a gallery by default.

    3) Responsive lightbox plugin created a completely transparent image called “responsive-lightbox-thumbnail” of size “5120 × 2880” in WP Media Library. Is it necessary for something?

    HERE is the testing page I created to demonstrate the first two points. You can see the described behaviour when clicking on images.

    As I did not encounter these problems before, I believe they were introduced in some of the newer updates. I only noticed these things at most a few weeks back. I thought the WP installation was causing them, so I first wanted to investigate it before writing.

    Thank you very much.



    Hello, as I got no answer almost 2 weeks back, I believe I should bump this thread at least once.

    I realize these are not the most important issues out there, nevertheless, I would expect at least some simple hint for resolution or, in the worst of cases, at least something like “do not use multiple images of the same kind on one page when using Responsive Lightbox plugin and Fancybox Pro”.
    I really like the plugin and would like to continue using it, but I should at least know if I am to keep dwelling to find the sources of the issue or if this is the “correct” state.

    Thank you.

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