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    Jan Koelb

    for I longer period I was using your free Lightbox “Swipebox” with my Galleries created by Foogallery.
    For a recent event (and to imburse you for you good work) I bought the Extension “Lightgallery”.
    The problem now is, that if I click on an image inside a Foogallery it shows only this specific image and I can’t navigate to the other images inside this gallery (…can’t move left or right…), also the thumbnails are not shown and it adds a title in the caption…
    With a regular gallery (not Foogallery) and with “normal” image attachments to a page, the Lightgallery works as advertised.
    But I don’t wnat to change all my galleries from Foogallery to a different one…

    I read a lot of threads in this forum and on – but I didn’t find a helpful resolution.

    Could you please help me – I will recommend your work!


    Jan Koelb

    Because you don’t seem to answer (or bother?).
    I will now switch back to Swipebox and request a refund either from you or from paypal…

    That is kind of sad because I really wanted to support an independent developer like you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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