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    I have the responsive lightbox set up on my site. It works fine with image galleries including in those created in my pods template. However in a template where I’m taking images and creating an image stack (essentially a slider only vertical), the lightbox doesn’t work.

    The relevant bit of code in the template is:

    [each scan_images]
    	<a href="{@_src.large}" data-rel="resplightbox"><img src="{@_src.large}" alt="image stack" class="stackimg"></a>

    Can you tell me what else needs to be added to this code to make the lightbox work? At the moment, it just links to the file. I’ve checked the source and all the relevant CSS/JS etc is loading. I changed the data-rel to ‘resplightbox’ (and updated it in the settings) to counter any potential conflict with the slider plugin, which also uses a ‘lightbox’ somewhere in its code.

    You can see an example of the image stack here: http://nwyhelearning.nhs.uk/elearning/northwest/christie/web_embeds/stacks/NET/stack2/index.html – I worked this out and then converted it to work with the Pods template (the keyboard navigation that works on this example is excluded in the Pods version since it requires clicking on the images to make it work, and I’d rather have a lightbox function).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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