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    Hi Support –

    Thanks for creating this plugin. I was hopeful to find a solution for a client who needs watermarked images for some of his WordPress image content. The content installation explanations and set-up documentation are mostly clear and on point.

    That said, I have some difficulty with the Image Watermark plugin: my custom watermark image (a simple transparent background PNG file with a white 45-degree 40px wide banner with black text) does not appear on images on the live site. I’m working from a back catalog of existing WordPress Media Library images already uploaded.

    On occasion, I can see the PNG watermark present on an image in the Media Library, but nowhere else on the site.

    Please respond. What other settings or adjustments am I missing?

    Thanks in advance.

    Seattle, Washington


    I have exactly the same issue! Can anyone reply? In preview the watermark works, but not after publishing. I spent lots of time trying to figuring this out and cannot solve.
    Please help.


    Joe Mizera

    Same here. Tried messing with just about all the settings. Removed and reinstalled the plugin, and still no luck. All of the images on this page have been watermarked, but it doesn’t show. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    Seems that almost everyone is having the same issue in that the images are never truly watermarked. They install, perform the operation, but images are still the same. I think the developer is done supporting this free plugin because the same issue has been reported for months without fixes.


    Sorry guys,
    There is a PNG images issue in the recent release and we;re working on a fix.
    Should be released this week.


    Please try the just released IW 1.6.3

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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