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    Activated Contact Form 7 & Math Captcha. Published Contact Page. Math Captcha does not appear on Contact Page. What procedure should I follow?

    Thanks for your help.


    We have to check the Math Captcha compatibility with the recent CF7 release – it seems that they are constantly changing the integration methods unfortunatelly.


    Trying to use Math Captcha with Contact Form 7 on WordPress 5.2.2 on Primer theme. Not able to make Math Captcha visible. There is a tab in the CF7 settings for Math Captcha but it asks for “id attribute” and “class attribute”. It also wants to insert a tag “[mathcaptcha mathcaptcha-734]”. There is nothing abut Math Captcha in CF7 “integration”. Nor does there seem to be any drop down about adding a Math Captcha field, as mentioned in other support threads.

    Some help would really be appreciated.
    Thanks for your help.


    I just installed Math Captcha 1.2.10 with Contact Form 7 5.1.7 on WP 5.3.2.

    As the user above reported, I can access the settings menu and have selected contact form 7, but beyond that there is no integration anywhere else. There is no tab or any other indication of Math Captcha on the Contact Form page. This really needs some attention to get this working again.

    Because of the comments above, I inserted the line

    [mathcaptcha mathcaptcha-734]

    and this did indeed make the captcha title, equation and field display. There ought to be some examples of form integration shown on the standard WordPress add-on page and on this site. I hunted for quite a while looking for an answer, only to find it buried here.

    Finally, the timeout feature seems to be related to when the page was loaded. If there is a lot of info to read or fill out, or if the user is distracted, the timeout can kick in and produce unexpected results. I guess this can be “deactivated” by entering a very large number, but I’m wondering what purpose it is serving. Does it help in blocking spambot access?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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