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    Hi again. I am not really sure if this is a bug or if it is the default behaviour of the plugin, but decided to report it here. So the thing is that sometimes I don’t have information for the event prices/tickets etc., but I know the event is not free. In this case I usually try to uncheck the option for “Is this a free event?” option and publish or update the event. However it seams like it doesn’t save the settings and if I don’t add tickets price, it is always on by default. The only workaround I’ve found is to leave it checked and hide the tickets info from displaying with uncheking “Display Tickets Info”. Hope I manage to describe it well.
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    P.S. There is something else connected to the tickets section, so I decided to put it here. Is there a way to use “free” as a word in the ticket value section? For example – there are 2 options for tickets: general price and children. While I can set the general price with number, children section can be set only with “0” as an option for a free. If I write free in the field, it is not recognised and only the currency symbol is displayed. It will probably look better if free is displayed in this case. Thanks

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