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    Ned Buratovich

    (actually “post-sale,” but still a valid pre-sale question)

    A few years back I got the PhotoSwipe extension (dev lic) and I loved/love it.

    Recently, I needed to have lightbox slide-shows, i.e. that auto advanced, rather than required the viewer to click/tap/swipe for each slide.

    I was surprised to find that PhotoSwipe doesn’t do that. I researched a bit and saw that your Lightgallery extension will create such slide-shows, so I bought it (dev lic) this week, just to have slide-shows on some pages.

    After working with Lightgallery for a few hours, it seems to me that it has all the functionality of the PhotoSwipe extension as well as additional functionality of auto-advancing slide-shows.

    Am I right? If so, then I don’t need to renew my PhotoSwipe dev lic, but just stick with Lightgallery.

    (Besides, I couldn’t find a way to use the PhotoSwipe lightbox on some pages and the Lightgallery lightbox on other pages. Is that kind of thing possible?)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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