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    Tiago Pires

    I believe there is a conflict with ACF by Elliot Condon and the Events Maker plugin (by dfactory) where ACF replaces the event time field time picker with a ‘date picker’. I’ve installed both in a blank wordpress using twentytwelve and had the problem until deatcivating acf. Just would like to report that.

    ACF Version 4.3.0
    Events Maker Version 1.0.7


    Thank you Tiago,

    We can confirm that there is a problem here and think it’s an issue on ACF side, caused by the inclusion of custom datepicker script. Hard to say why ACF is embedding the datepicker, when WordPress has a builtin script for that, which could be used.

    Other, but less important problem with ACF is that it embedds it’s scripts on all pages (posts and cpt’s too) even if you don’t use it on selected post types.

    We love ACF by the way, and if we figure out a workaround on our side we’ll definitely use it, but it would be great if you created a support ticket at ACF forum too.

    Tiago Pires

    Hi Bartosz, I’ve upgraded to a later version ACF and the problem is resolved. Some action must be just taken there on the inclusions!

    Very much like your plugin! Very clean wp implementation from what I can tell!

    Thanks guys!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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