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    I installed Cookie Notice for WordPress, and have the following elements turned on: Refuse cookie, Revoke cookies.
    All other elements are turned off (not checked).

    Also I have Category Country Aware WordPress installed, to show the cookie notice only to EU visitors. To make sure it is shown only to them, I installed Country Caching, an extension to WP Super Cache (WPSC Country Caching).

    90% of my visitors are non-EU. In Google Analytic -> Real Time, I see a lot of urls with cn-reloaded=1. I wanted to ask what does that mean, and is there any chance that the cookie notice is displayed to non-EU visitors? I checked from different browsers and devices (all of them non-EU), and sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t want it displayed to non-EU visitors as it is annoying.

    Hope I provided enough information.

    Thank you for your help.



    I am facing the same issue, All users are getting a query string in there url – “cn-reloaded=1”.
    I have NOT enabled reload on accept.



    This query string is added if any caching plugin is enabled and serves at least 2 purposes.

    1) it forces to refresh the cached content on cookie accept/refusal
    2) allows wp plugins/themes to do sth with that information (based on the cn-reloaded query variable)

    but it should be added only if the reloading is enabled.


    Andy W

    @manmeet.singh If you are also using CCA plugin to limit CN to EU visitors only; then currently the first page (only) that your non-EU visitor visits will be reloaded. Reload behaviour will be changed in the next CCA release to only reload if you have enabled reload in Cookie Notice settings.

    In my view, a reload is usually advisable. Cookie Notice ensures someone yet to accept/reject cookies is served the page without your “blocked” scripts/content that require cookie acceptance e.g. Google Analytics. If the visitor then accepts cookies CN (optionally) reloads the page with the previously excluded scripts/content. If you don’t reload even though cookie have been accepted the previously blocked content will not be displayed and Google Analytics will not record the landing. In the case of non EU first visits the same applies because CCA “tells” CN that this visitor has accepted cookies and, as it is a first visit, to reload with the previously blocked scripts. As stated next CCA release will use your reload choice from CN settings.

    Aside from the above, I also have a concern with CN and caching/reloading (not related to CCA) which I will raise in a new post.

    @Bartosz I’m the author of the CCA plugin; I hope you don’t mind my input here, but if Manmeet has not opted for reload then it may be due to CCA plugin.



    Thanks a lot, @Bartosz and @Andy for your reply.
    Yes, I am using CCA Plugin Version 1.2.2 with Memcache as a caching mechanism to limit CN to EU visitors only, but I am sitting in the US can see “cn-reloaded=1” as a query string.
    The page doesn’t get reloaded it just have an extra query string looking forward to the next CCA plugin release.

    Thanks, man!



    @Andy thanks for this information. Do you have an ETA on when CCA plugin will be released to account for this?

    The reason I ask is if we have users coming from organic (search) and the page is reloaded with “cn-reloaded=1” query string, GA associates this as a direct vs organic traffic.

    @Bartosz, do you have any idea of how we can keep the traffic in GA accurate?



    I was wondering the same thing, but I am not getting any answers ( see thread ). Referrals and everything else will get lost if the page will he completely reloaded. As I mentioned I am wondering if would be possible to use ajax or smth else to load the cookies at the time the acceptance is made – instead of reloading the complete page..



    @benzpr, yes if we can do it as an ajax based request, this will keep all the traffic metrics accurate.

    @bartosz, is this an option for a future release?


    Andy W

    @manmeet.singh @cb_pdesai New release of CCA probably in 2 to 3 weeks as I don’t like bombarding users with updates. Ironically (in view of cb_pdesai comments) the next release will also include Ajax for geolocation and identification of EU/non-EU (but won’t solve your CN issue).

    To be fair to dFactory you should post any questions re CCA and Analytics on this CCA page.

    @cb_pdesai the above linked page has a possible solution to correct recoding of organic traffic for your non-EU visitors.




    Thanks for this great plugin…

    Our users are getting a query string in the url – “cn-reloaded=1”.

    However the plugin is now deleted as a test.

    How do we stop the “cn-reloaded=1” from reappearing in the url?

    This seems to happen from clicks from Google or other search engines. We understand this is from caching as we use WP-Rocket, but we need to be able to stop this from happening as it is causing a 525 SSL HANDSHAKE error.

    Please Please Help… Desperate here!


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