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    I installed the plugin in the wp theme Voice https://themeforest.net/item/voice-clean-newsmagazine-wordpress-theme/9646105. It comes with a built in gallery, that I’d like to replace with Responsive Lightbox and Justified Gallery. But in the moment I can’t make it work. There are two issues:

    1) When I deactivate the built-in gallery and check “Add lightbox to WordPress image gallery by default” both lightbox overlays get displayed. When I uncheck the option, no overlay gets displayed. Instead of that, I get the normal behaviour without lightbox, a click invokes the media page.

    2) When I activate the Justified Gallery plugin, the gallery images get rearranged in a very basic way but no matter what I change in the plugin settings, nothing happens in the frontend. It remains the same.

    Please let me know if you need more information or access to my test site.




    Ok, can we have a look at the live site?

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    After activating the plugin again, it worked for a view minutes as expected. But when I tried to configure it, it stopped working. It looks kind of brittle to me.


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    Yes, I traced that, too. Deactivation of AdRotate didn’t do the trick but after switching the theme several times and deactivting all plugins justified gallery started working.

    I’m not sure, if that is, what I expected…


    But thanks anyway. You can mark the issue as solved.




    Ok. Get back to us if anything.


    I traced it down. It seems to be a conflict with SEO Yoast.

    After activating SEO Yoast the gallery plugin stops working. In the console I get the following error:
    Error in event handler for (unknown): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘shortcutLock’ of undefined
    at chrome-extension://oknpjjbmpnndlpmnhmekjpocelpnlfdi/js/content.js:32:32

    And the gallery plugin stops to render the images properly

    * WordPress version: 4.6.1
    * Yoast SEO version: 3.5
    * Responsive Lightbox: 1.6.9
    * Justified Gallery: 1.0.3

    SEO Yoast is essential for the site. If the gallery plugin is not compatible to it, that would be a showstopper for me.

    If you need access to the test server again, let me know.



    I doubt this is Yoast SEO – we use it here too and all the demos are working.

    Do you have any caching / js minify or compress plugins at the site?


    No caching, no minifying.

    I changed almost everything. I tried it with different themes like twenty sixteen or twenty fourteen and super-basic ones. I deactivated all plugins (and removed the directories) apart from Responsive Lightbox and Justified Gallery. Everthing worked well. As soon as I activated SEO Yoast, the rendering failed.

    After a lot of debugging and tearing my hair, I finally tested the option to load the lightbox code in the footer and that did the trick. Now it’s pretty obvious!

    Would have been nice if this hint came from you. :-)




    Sorry, we weren’t able to help you with this, but honestly speaking don’t know what Yoast SEO is doing to interact with Javascript code – this should not happen.



    Have the same issue. Disable Yoast and the plugin works!


    Ned Buratovich

    Yes, I had the same issue as well: Disable Yoast SEO and Justified Gallery works. Enable Yoast SEO and it doesn’t.

    However, from reading this thread, I see that changing the “Loading Place” option from “Header” to “Footer” allows Justified Gallery to function even with Yoast SEO enabled.


    Shaun Nixon

    I also had this problem for around 2 years and kept blaming the theme. I stopped using justified gallery on my sites because of this issue. Turns out it was Yoast SEO. Thank you Ned for posting the solution – very much appreciated.



    Thank you so much for posting the solution here. It finally worked


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