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    We have been experiencing some issues with setting the start and end times of any new events.
    For starters, the time format for creating a new event is off. All times are formatted as 12:mm tt, with the Hour being displayed for each option but the mm and tt are static and no changes can be made to them. There is also no way to know if a time is am or pm in the dropdown as it just displays hours 1 – 12 twice and formatted as previously stated. I have checked to make sure that the display setting for date and time are correct and nothing seems off there. This wouldn’t be too big of a deal since most of our events start and end on the hour but even if we set the time for an event after saving the updates it changes it to start and end at 12 am.

    EX: Event is from 3 to 8 so I set the start time to the 03:mm tt and end date to 08:mm tt but once saved both the start and end times are 12:mm tt.

    I am not sure what happened as it used to work perfectly fine up until a couple of months ago according to our marketing director and evidenced by past events showing different times other than the 12 am. Not sure if this is because we haven’t updated to the newest version of WordPress because some of our plugins will stop working or if it is another plugin we have making Events Maker act unpredictably.

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