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    Can Image Watermark be added to images ALREADY uploaded onto website?
    Or is watermark only applied to Media Library images, not those on existing web pages?
    Is Watermark permanent or can originals be restored?

    I have almost 200 photos already on site and wanted relatively quick way to protect them with a © symbol or watermark.

    Am relative WordPress newbie.



    It can be applied to existing images if you enable Manual Watermarking.
    If you want to watermark full size images as well please make sure to enable backup functionality (in order to be able to remove watermark)
    Manual bulk watermarking for previously uploaded images is available in Media Library “list mode”.

    Hope this helps.


    Is possible apply bulk mode to 5.000 images?

    Manual bulk option in media library is not a good option for 5.000 images… something more quick?

    thank’s for the plugin and best regards,


    I set up my watermark and went to existing images. Selected one and applied watermark. It says that it was applied but it doesn’t show up on the picture. I did get this message when I set up the watermark “Watermark will not be applied when no image sizes are selected.” Not sure if that is what is causing the problem but I don’t understand what the error is saying. Please help. Thank you!


    I want to remove the © symbol or watermark form image background please suggest me what to do?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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