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    After the current update, I have broken captions in the lightbox. After each special character ./()| (except comma) becomes additional now a backslash character “\”. Why is that? That was not so before update. Everything is ok in the preview gallery. It only happens in the lightbox view.

    Thankful for any hints and help
    Best Regards




    I have the same problem and had to remove some galleries with more than 200 images from our site because in the lightbox because of the broken captions.

    So I would also appreciate any help on this.



    Hi Support,

    I start to doubt it was the right step to buy this extension. I was hoping it would work out some requirements well and at first it looked like that. Unfortunately, I am now under enormous time pressure – the date for the public presentation moves mercilessly closer … and I can not solve that. I’m waiting for answer for 7 days. That’s too long for a purchased plugin.

    PLEASE, dear support, says something! Please look at it here:

    In addition, the error also beats on the simple galleries created with WordPress. I’ll wait another 2 days, but then I have to deactivate the plugin and ask for my money back.

    I am a bit desperate.
    With regards,



    Anyone heard from support about all the issues with the latest update?



    Unfortunately, nothing. Maybe the support holiday. One can only hope that it is nothing more serious.


    There is no support. My lightbox is broken too



    Working on it.


    Markus Lerner

    Unfortunately I have the same problem: when I enter “(test)” in the description, the lightbox caption will show “\(test\)”.

    Can you please prioritize this bugfix a bit?

    Thank you



    Hello Support,
    the original problem seems solved, but there is a new problem.

    Now the picture titles are broken in the overview. In the setting “Design” => “Hover effect” => none, the image title is not displayed below the image, but on the image.

    In addition, in the image title given html tags are output.

    To see here:

    Can that be solved soon, please?

    Best Regards

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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