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    Post View Counter is working and I can see the result for October – but I would like to see the statistics since January.
    How? Can I export the figures?



    Total, monthly and weekly views data is stored for each post and not being removed.
    The only way to get this data is using custom code and PVC functions, then exporting a csv or xml file.
    Unfortunatelly plugin does not have an interface or a simple method for doing that currently.



    I will try to find someone who can help me!
    But it would be valuable if there was a simple metod.
    Many thankts!



    You can change the range of time for which the post view counter in wWP dashboard is displayed, to show the full year for example. Something like this:
    dashboard widget which displays the monthly view

    To do this, unfortunately you have to open the code for this plugin (WP Admin / Plugins / Editor) and then open the plugin file includes/dashboard.php and modify the line which defines the range (around line #85) from:

    // set range
    $range = ‘this_month’;


    // set range
    $range = ‘this_year’;

    However, when you update the plugin, you will lose your changes and would need to modify it again. The best thing would be if the developer can make this as a configuration parameter in the plugin settings…

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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