Photo & Art Bundle

Photo & Art Bundle
The package includes:
Lightcase Lightbox featured image
1. Lightcase Lightbox

Responsive and beautiful extension for presenting images and galleries on your website. With highly customizable display and several types of transition effects it is a real must-have. Learn more »

2. PhotoSwipe Lightbox

Deliver great navigation experience especially for mobile visitors of your website! This extension supports all basic gestures, for example: swipe to the next image or pinch to zoom out and so on. It has a built-in social sharing engine, that allows the viewer to easily share the image on social media. Learn more »

Lightgallery Lightbox featured image
3. Lightgallery Lightbox

Lightweight, flexible, and responsive extension for displaying images in a fullscreen lightbox with beautiful, unique 20+ inbuilt animations. You can configure title and caption separately and optionally integrate it with Download Attachments plugin. Learn more »

Fancybox Pro featured image
4. Fancybox Pro

Mobile first, touch enabled, responsive and fully customizable lightbox for displaying images, videos and more. Learn more »

Strip Lightbox featured image
5. Strip Lightbox

Perfect solution if you want to show photos of your product, art etc. but do not want to make it fullscreen. This extension makes photos slide on the edge of the screen and partially cover the page but still enables users to read content of your site.. Learn more »

Justified Gallery featured image
6. Justified Gallery

Create high quality dynamic gallery grids of images that will fill all the screen space. Justified gallery is fully responsive – it resizes itself to fit the browser. Learn more »

Masonry Image Gallery featured image
7. Masonry Image Gallery

Add a masonry grid layout to built-in WordPress Galleries and easily convert your default gallery into Pinterest / Tumblr like photoset. You can display images in a blog style (with title and caption) or grid style with images only. Learn more »

Slider Gallery featured image
8. Slider Gallery

Turn your WordPress gallery into an awesome, customizable, lightweight and fully responsive slider. Horizontal/vertical slide and fade animations and easy configuration. Learn more »

Expander Gallery featured image
9. Expander Gallery

Expander Gallery is a modern, easy and intuitive gallery plugin inspired by Google Images. This is a grid gallery you’ve been looking for. Learn more »

Hidden Gallery featured image
10. Hidden Gallery

Smart gallery plugin that allows you to put your photos where you want them and open in a lightbox with a text or single image link. Learn more »