Lightgallery Lightbox

Lightgallery Lightbox

Lightgallery is a lightweight, flexible, mobile-friendly Responsive Lightbox extension for displaying images in a fullscreen lightbox with unique CSS3 transition effects.

Features include:

  • Smoothly integrates with Responsive Lightbox plugin – it extends your lightbox scripts option
  • Tons of options which allow you to customize the plugin to your needs
  • 20+ beautiful inbuilt animations
  • Fast, CSS-only approach for resizing images
  • Supports touch and swipe navigation on touchscreen devices and mouse drag for desktops
  • Download links with optional Download Attachments support
  • Animated thumbnails
  • Native html full screen mode support
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out controlstKeyboard navigation
  • Youtube / Vimeo support
  • Configurable Title and Caption
  • Optional hash (deeplinking) support
Single image, zoom in / out demo


Basic gallery demo
Slider gallery demo