Filter hook that allows modification of widget option names.


function custom_rw_option_display_name($label, $context) {
if ($label == 'Contact' && $context == 'page') {
	$label = 'Contact Us'; // changes the label to Contact Us page
return $label;
add_filter('rw_option_display_name', 'custom_rw_option_display_name', 10, 2);


function custom_rw_option_display_name2($label, $context) {
if ($context == 'custom_post_type_archive') {
	$label = str_replace(__('Archive', 'df'), '', $label); // strips 'Archive' from for e.g News Archive, Events Archive etc.
return $label;
add_filter('rw_option_display_name', 'custom_rw_option_display_name2', 10, 2);


  • $label | string – (required) an option label (for e.g. Home, Events Archive, Front Page)
  • $context | string – (optional) a context (options group) where the label appears: page, custom_post_type, custom_post_type_archive, category, taxonomy, other, user, language

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