• The Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin comes with five types of settings: General, Lightboxes, Galleries, Builder, and Folders. General settings allow for universal configurations that stay the same across all Lightbox […]

  • SwipeBox: This lightbox style opens the image and blackens the area around it. To exit this lightbox the “x” in the top-right corner needs to be selected. SwipeBox Settings: The […]

  • Users can configure the gallery settings for the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin by heading over to Lightbox > Galleries from the WordPress admin panel. By default, you can choose […]

  • The Gallery Builder enables the Gallery features in Responsive Lightbox and Gallery. Builder Settings Page You can access the Gallery Builder Settings page by navigating to Lightbox > Builder from […]

  • Media Folders is a neat feature in Responsive Lightbox and Gallery that allows users to organize media files (including images, videos, audio, and attachments) into a folder system that resembles […]

  • Head over to Lightbox > Remote Library from the WordPress admin panel to access the Remote Library Settings screen. Remote Library Ticking the checkbox next to the Remote Library option […]

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