Manual Usage

The Responsive Lightbox gives you the option to apply lightboxes across all your images. However, that option may be turned off and the lightbox effect may be manually used on each individual image. To manually use the lightbox effect on images and galleries use the instructions below as a guide.

Manual Usage on Images

1. Navigate to your Responsive Lightbox Plugin settings page by selecting Dashboard–>Settings–>Responsive Plugin

2. Select your lightbox script. This script will be used across all images in which the selector is applied.
LightBox Script

3. Uncheck the image links box and make sure you have text in the selector area such as “lightbox”. Having text in the selector area is important as that text will be used to apply the lightbox effect on images. The word “lightbox” is suggested as it is unlikely to interfere with existing plugins .
Manual Usage Lightbox

4. Save your changes by scrolling down and selecting the “save” button.
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.08.25 AM

5.Navigate to the location (such as a post or a page) where the lightbox is to be manually applied.

6. Select the Text tab to be in the text-editor and then select Add Media to insert your image.
Add Media Text

7. In your link add the following code, data-rel="lightbox"(or whatever selector text you used) after your a href link but before an img tag. An example of code might be the following:   <a href="image_link" data-rel="lightbox">link anchor</a> You can see the location in the image below.

Selector Added