Post Views Counter

  • Installation

    1. How to Install Post Views Counter 1.1 Through the WordPress back end In order to install the Post Views Counter plugin from the WordPress back end, login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for Post Views Counter in the Search Plugins box. […]

  • Settings

    2. Settings The Post Views Counter plugin enables users to configure its general settings and display settings from the Settings screen. From the WordPress admin panel, navigate to Settings > Post Views Counter to access the Settings screen. 2.1 General Settings Users can configure general settings for the Post Views […]

  • Manual Usage

    3. Manual Usage The Post Views Counter plugin allows users to automatically display the counter on pages and/or posts. However, if they’d like to add the counter to only a few selected pages/posts or on different areas of the page/post then they can do so manually. 3.1 Display views with […]

  • Developer’s API

    pvc_get_post_views() Description Gets total post views for a post or array of posts. The function is located in the functions.php file of the plugin. Usage pvc_get_post_views( $post_id = 0 ); Parameters $post_id | int / array: Post ID or array of post ID’s Return The function returns the sum of […]

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