Image Watermark

Documentation for Image Watermark, an all-in-one image watermarking and protection plugin for WordPress.

  • Installation

    Install Image Watermark either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Go to the Watermark menu in Settings and set your watermarking options.

  • General Settings

    General Settings The General Settings provides options on how to enable and apply the watermark. There are two ways to apply the watermark: Automatic and Manual. Automatic applies the watermark when a new image is uploaded, instantaneously. This option is useful for applying the watermark on many images at once. […]

  • Watermark Position and Size

    Watermark Position This section of the settings identifies where the watermark will go. The watermark will be located in an image by selecting a square in the grid.. The watermark, in a square, may be offset by customizing the x and y options. Watermark Sizes The watermark has several sizes […]

  • Image Protection

    Image Protection Images may be protected by selecting from the options, Right-Click, Drag-and-Drop, Logged-in-users. Right-click: This prevents a visitor from right-clicking and then saving the image. Drag-and-Drop: This prevents a visitor from dragging and dropping the image off screen. Logged-in-users: Selecting this option will apply image protection options against users […]

  • Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting 1. If the plugin causes the media library to go blank, it is most likely a plugin conflict. To resolve the issue try disabling all plugins and then turn them on one-by-one to identify the plugin causing the conflict. 2. If you use transparent images please see this support […]

  • Developers API

    Actions: iw_before_apply_watermark – this action is called before applying watermark to an image iw_after_apply_watermark – this action is called after applying watermark to an image Filters: iw_watermark_options – this hook allows you to override watermark options

  • Applying Watermark

    To enable the watermark configure the general settings by clicking Automatic, Manual, or both. If Automatic is select, any new images uploaded will get the watermark. If you are uploading an image and it should not have a watermark, please be sure to disable Automatic. If Manual is selected, the […]

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5 comments on "Image Watermark"

  1. Hi! is it possible to remove all watermarks at once? I have changed my mind, and now I just want them to appear in certain images, and I would add them manually. But it’s easier for me to start with all the images without a watermark.
    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. Hi, I have a problem to apply the watermark on images.
    I installed it, put all the general settings, positioning and sizing of watermark, I listed the gallery and everything, choose the img clicked on apply watermark and it just does not apply! ON the best, it does apply on some images but only when they are listed in gallery, when I open the img there is no watermark. It is quite stressfull…do you maybe have any idea what can I do to make it work?Thank you!!

  3. Hello,

    I am using version Version 1.6.2 and the image watermark breaks from I apply it from Media page on WP.
    Could you assist?

  4. Worked great! Thanks!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the plug! I’m using the 1.5.3 version of the plugin on WordPress 4.5.1
    After the upgrade, when activate your plugin I can not load images. Result – error HTTP. After disabling the plugin can upload images easily… What could be the reason? Thank you!