Displays event categories as a list or dropdown.


em_display_event_categories($taxonomy, $args)


  • $taxonomy | string – event taxonomy slug: event-category, event-tag, event-location or event-organizer (required)
  • $args | array – an array of parameters (optional)
    • display_as_dropdown | boolean – displays event categories as a dropdown (TRUE) or list (FALSE). Defaults to FALSE
    • show_hierarchy | boolean – displays event categories hierarchy (sub-categories as inner list items or inline). Defaults to TRUE
    • order_by | string – sort retrieved categories by parameter. Defaults to ‘name’
      • id
      • name (default)
      • slug
      • count
    • order | string – designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’
      • asc
      • desc (default)


A list of event categories on success. FALSE if ‘event-category’ is not registered.

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