A shortcode that enables displaying a link to download any single attachment available in Media Library, inside posts content or manual attachments display anywhere in a theme.


[download-attachment id="17" title="Download title" class="button button-primary"]


  • id | int – an attachment ID (required)
  • title | string – attachment link title, defaults to attachment title
  • class | string – link class, defaults to “da-download-link da-download-attachment-$id”, where $id is an attachment id

Attachment attributes can be adjusted with the da_download_attachment_link_attributes filter hook:

// Adjust link attributes for specific attachments
function custom_da_download_attachment_link_attributes( $attr, $attachment_id ) {
	if ( $attachment_id != 12 ) {
		$attr['data-attachment_id'] = $attachment_id;
	return $attr;

add_filter( 'da_download_attachment_link_attributes', 'custom_da_download_attachment_link_attributes', 10, 2 );

5 replies to "[download-attachment]"

  1. Hi

    is it possible to use only button on the pages? i can’t use this code cause if i’m use this, then i can’t download separate things only one ID (page.php) but i want 4 separate id in 4 separate page how can i do this?

  2. Is it possible to display single attachment’s download count? I can only display count for “download-attachments”, but not “download-attachment”. :(

    • Yes, with simple get_post_meta():

      $count = get_post_meta( $post_id, ‘_da_attachments’, true );

      where post id is the ID of an attachment you want to get downloads count for.

  3. The file to be download is 3G in size. Is it supported?

    • It should work fine in redirect to file mode. Just try that.

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